Tomcat Hosting

Click here to order now represents an excellent hosting solution for JBoss based websites which guarantees dedicated resources with full control. Therefore, it is a highly suitable choice for medium to large websites. Users must be aware that a JBoss private server offers better features and performance as compared to a shared one and Tomcat Hosting divides each single physical server into several virtual instances to work separately. Each JBoss private server is assigned to every customer who works as an independent server to host website. These types of services are the gap between shared and dedicated hosting with its many advantages, such as:

  • Affordable price which can reduce your operating and hosting costs.
  • Independence similar to a dedicated server, as other users of the same service cannot affect your work as you get your own private JBoss hosting server.
  • You get your own resources with an excellent performance and easy maintenance.
  • A customer can set his own usage and configuration options with freedom to do what he/she wants and when he/she wants (you can install any application which is not possible in shared environment).
  • You can install and use any JBoss version you want. We support them all including latest release.

Tomcat Web Hosting services are available in both Windows and Linux platform, so users can easily host their website over any platform according to their needs and requirements.

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